Broker of NFA Title II Weapons

I am interested in buying your registered machine gun.  Please call Davy Keith (601)319-2675

Rebel Rifle Ordnance, LLC offers you investment opportunities in Title II registered machine guns. Our business is dedicated to offering quality collectible and investment grade machine guns for sale to qualifying members of the general public.


Now available M2HB .50 Cal belt fed semi auto.  Title I firearms transfers on regular form 4473.

Brand new Browning patent M2HB .50 Cal belt fed with military contract MK123 lightweight tripod,T&E and pintle. $13,000 shipped to your FFL. (MS residents 7% sales tax) This rifle transfers just like any other rifle through an FFL. No NFA tax required because it is semi auto. Has WWII reproduction markings on side plate with all new made parts. Heavy buffer on heavy backplate.  No pins or flemsy trigger system.  It comes with a LIFETIME guarantee from manufacturer. Solid investment for the future.  Email for availability or text (601)319-2675. 

  • Hard chromed trunnion feed way
  • New heavy barrel
  • Head space gauge
  • M2 Heavy bolt



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